Neighbourhood coffee house

Great coffee and Great cabinet food. Stop in at nieghbourhood to kickstart your day or a vibing spot for a break. W: P: 063066378

Cafe Medici

Great all day menu and something for everyone. Bookings ideal for larger groups. P: 063069965


Open for brunch/lunch five days a week. Dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the 14th September. Lucy, Dan and the Nara team look forward to welcoming you to our new space. W: P: 0284049833

the village Cafe

Open for Breakfast and lunch. Fridays and Saturdays until 8pm. W: P: 0220757575


Martinboroughs longest standing cafe. This little tea room style cafe come with fantastic coffee and some very happy faces to go with it. Open from 3am – 1pm weekdays P: 063069376

The Bach

The Bach Cafe, great for a quick stop and the only chicken and chips in town. open monday – saturday 9am -4pm. P: 063068823

the Knucklebone

Situated in the Martinborough Town Hall. Take the kids to the park grab a coffe or enjoy a book at the Library. P: 021747780